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Campus Life


Day of Giving  takes place twice a year at VLHS, once during the week prior to Thanksgiving, and once during the week prior to Easter Sunday.  On those days, the whole student body and all faculty and staff members go out into the community to serve.  We partner with non-profit organizations, shelters, food distribution centers, and the like in an effort to have students serve our city in a hands-on way.  At other times throughout the year, students also engage in service to the community through their athletic teams, family groups, the National Honor Society, etc.

Mission Trips  are taken annually as an option during Interim. Valley Lutheran High School has been serving at La Casa de los Angeles in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico for the past 5 years.  Students spend a week serving at a daycare for single moms.  Our students also do service projects around the Valley each year for a week during Interim.


Family Groups: Upon enrollment, each student at VLHS is placed in a family group. These small groups consist of 10-15 people each, and are led by one faculty member and one student leader. Family groups are co-ed, and their first experience begins at orientation camp when they stay in a cabin together and participate in all kinds of camp activities, from Bible studies and lip snycs, to one of our favorite traditions as a school: the White Flame Games.

Once we return from camp, family groups meet weekly for a variety of reasons that include Bible study, grade checks, team-building exercises, and hang out time. We utilize family groups with great intentionality. This program allows us to be effective in connecting students with good peer leaders, and also allows faculty members a chance to interact with and mentor students in a smaller, less intimidating setting. Family groups give every Valley student a niche. Members often form tight bonds by the year's end, and these groups have also become a place where students exercise the freedom to be transparent about their faith, ask big questions, and get honest, biblical answers from their peers and teachers.


Spiritual Life Leaders at VLHS are a group of volunteer students, chosen by faculty & staff, who help set the spiritual climate on campus.  The role of a spiritual life leader is to be a local missionary within his/her assigned family group by developing relationships with each student.  This is done by intentionally making contact and creating accountability with both Christians and non-Christians, thus making oneself available to be used by God in whatever way He chooses. A life leader also supports the overall mission and initiatives of the Spiritual Life of VLHS.

Student Life Leader Values
  • Integrity: Honest, Sincere, Trustworthy
  • Humility: Meek, Repentant, Submissive
  • Excellence: Accountable, Diligent, Reliable
  • Purity: Wholesome, Virtuous, Transparent

Student Life Leader Commitments

VLHS Student Life Leaders are expected to:

  1. Engage as leaders in chapel and Theology classes.
  2. Support the policies of the student handbook by adhering to and speaking supportively of behavior guidelines, dress code, etc.
  3. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  4. Lead by example by refraining from gossip, sexual activity, alcohol and drug use, and any activities closely associated with such behavior.
  5. Pray regularly for each individual in their family group. Life leaders may also be called upon by staff members to pray with students on occasions or under special circumstances when needed unexpectedly.
  6. Intentionally seek out family group members at least one time per month for a casual check in (phone call, text message, etc.).
  7. Work with staff members to create and plan meaningful family group activities in place of a regular chapel service at least once per month.


Each year the entire school goes up to Prescott, AZ for three days.  Camp is a way for all students to build relationships with one another and their teachers.  Students participate in activities such as zip line, high ropes course, hiking, horse shoes, archery, arts & crafts, human foosball, Bible study, and many more activities. Along with the many activities that are offered students will participate in chapel every morning and evening.

Quick info about camp:
  • 3- day camp at Prescott Pines
  • Twice a day worship
  • Bible Study
  • Lots of fun activities
  • White Flame Games
  • Photo scavenger hunts
  • Relationship builders
  • Campfire devotions
  • Band led worship
  • Family groups
  • And most of all FUN!!!!

At Valley Lutheran High School we do our best to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing. Jesus Christ is at the heart of every move and decision we make, and helping each individual student step into a deeper relationaship with Him is our number one priority. We foster students' spiritual development by engaging them in relationships, discussions, and experiences that will help them explore the calling God has placed on their lives, and the indentity that is theirs in Christ.


Student Council: Julius Caesar once said, “experience is the teacher of all things.” Valley Lutheran’s leadership organizations give students the chance to “experience” what it takes to lead.  Student Council gives opportunities for students to manage, organize, and direct campus life. Class officers are given the opportunity to work with their peers to fund raise and serve their community.

Student Council plans many events throughout the school year:
  • Plan dances
  • Raise money for the charities
  • Plan activities for Orientation Camp
  • Put on Spirit Weeks
  • Plan Pep Rallies and Talent Show
  • Lead by example and through service
Requirements to be on Student Council:
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Elected position
  • Approval by Faculty and Staff
  • Leadership in and out of the classroom
  • Meetings every week

National Honor Society: The VLHS chapter of the National Honor Society promotes character, service, leadership, and scholarship in its members. NHS is involved in numerous leadership and service opportunities in the community, at school, in churches, and at home. Last year the VLHS chapter of the NHS completed over 900 service hours within the areas mentioned above. NHS is open to all juniors and seniors who meet eligibility requirements.


Twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, everything on campus pauses while we meet together for Chapel. As a community, we engage in worshiping Jesus Christ by singing, praying together, and listening to a spoken message by one of our staff members or local church workers. Periodically, participants are invited to worship in more experiential ways, such as serving, washing one another's feet, nailing our sins to the cross, and praying not only as one large body, but also in small groups or one-on-one with others. As a community, we consider Chapel to be the most important time for us during the week.


Valley Lutheran is proud of its student athletes. We offer a wide variety of athletics opportunities and have won several state championships over the years.

Fall Sports

  • Football
  • Cross Country
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cheer
Winter Sports
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • Cheer
Spring Sports
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Track & Field
  • Boys Tennis
  • Girls Tennis


Valley Lutheran has long valued the arts as a valuable part of the educational experience. The arts program consists of three different areas: music, visual arts, and drama.

The music program has two components. The choir portion of the music program has an auditioned Concert Choir, and a non-auditioned choir called the Valley Singers. The Concert Choir performs in concerts, at local churches and also competes in the state choral competition. The second component is the school band which performs in school chapels as well as concerts.

The visual arts program is divided into three levels of classes. Students begin in the visual arts program in an Intro to Art class. From there students can move up to the second level of art. The final class is Studio Art in which students create a portfolio as they work independently with the help of the art teacher. Art students are able to display their work on campus throughout the year as well as at the Spring Arts Festival.

The Drama Department puts on two performances a year. In the fall the students perform at a dinner theater. The annual musical is done in the spring. Both drama productions are extracurricular activities with students meeting outside of class time to rehearse.