Bob Koehne
Executive Director
Kat Stokes
Bob Parsons
Athletic Director
Rick Scholz
Joyce Schrank
Guidance Counselor
Rev. Jamie Holt
Campus Pastor
Pastor at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
Alyssa Misuraca
Business Manager
Robin Larkin
Spanish Teacher
2018 Pacific Southwest District Teacher of the Year
Randy Krieger
Math Teacher
Volleyball & Track Coach
Anna Kempf
Theology & PE Teacher
Chad Wilshusen
Chemistry & Theology Teacher
Cross Country & Track Coach
Joe Richter
Biology, Honors Biology, AP Bio, Physics & STEM Teacher
Daniel Parsons
History & Theology Teacher
Worship Leader at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
Jennifer Peterson
STEM Teacher
Peter Schimm
Band and Choir Teacher
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Organist
Timothy Fote
Art & Technology Teacher
Brian Porter
Math Teacher
Football & Softball Coach
Sarah Williams
English Teacher
Student Council Adviser
Cheer Coach
Madison Schulz
English Teacher
Track Coach
Robyn Bergquist
Science Teacher
Alumni Relations
Fabian Coker
Social Studies Teacher
Teresa Torrey
Front Office Manager
Linda Richter
Assistant Admissions Director, Athletic Secretary
Jon Haar
Director of Building & Grounds
Website Designer
Bob Bethke
Director of Community Outreach
Ed Measel
Study Hall Supervisor
Girls Basketball Coach
Ken  Heitshusen
Choir Accompanist
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Valley Lutheran High School provides a foundation for a life of faith, learning and service through a biblical, Christ-centered, college preparatory education and Christian relationships.

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Peter Schimm

Band and Choir Teacher Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Organist

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