Canyon Christian Schools Consortium (CCSC)

The Canyon Christian Schools Consortium (CCSC) is an alliance participant program with goals to reduce the overall cost of private Christian education, increase enrollment for faith-based high schools and offer significant incentives to encourage Christian high school students to enroll at GCU.


Ottawa University


OUAZ Alliance Membership


Ottawa University,a pioneer in not-for-profit higher education for traditional,

adult,graduate,and international education in ground and online learning

modalities,announces the creation of a new opportunity to strengthen and

expand quality Christian education. Now in its 151st year and its 40th year in

Arizona,to strengthen relationships and build partnership with Christian

schools,churches,and organizations around the world,to coincide with the

historic launch of its new residential campus in Surprise,Arizona,and in

support of its mission,Ottawa University has created the Ottawa Alliance for

Quality Christian Education. Participation is complimentary and robust with

benefits for Alliance members.