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Mr. Bob Parsons

After 36 years in banking, Mr. Parsons retired in 2018 and became our Athletic Director. What are all the experiences that led him to this second career?

While he was still in banking, he served on the board of directors for Christ Lutheran School and also for Valley Lutheran High School. He says that being a parent at one time of VLHS students and volunteering at the school helped him learn about and embrace the culture and mission of the school. He and his wife, Linda, are the parents of two alumni. Daniel is now a teacher at Valley and his brother Troy is a tennis instructor.

A tribute to his choice of this second career was voiced by one of the students. She calls him “a leader who teaches me about sports and safety, but he teaches me more about God. He is friendly, always happy, and always willing to talk about school, sports, and especially the love of God. There are some people that don’t have to talk about God to show His love. The kindness Mr. Parsons brings shows the love God has for us.”

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