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Pastor Jamie Holt

One of the most unique job descriptions for a Valley Lutheran teacher would be that of Jamie Holt. Not only is he the Theology Department chair and Junior Theology teacher, but he is also the pastor of Mt. Calvary and campus pastor for VLHS.

This is Pastor Holt’s 4th year in this position. Previously he taught sophomore theology during his vicarage year in 2010 and later was one of the pastors at association church Christ Church-Lutheran until 2016. Those connections with the students, their families, and the VLHS faculty made it a natural move when his current position became available.

When asked how he would describe the VLHS culture and what makes it enjoyable to be a teacher here, he replied, “At Valley we lead with the Gospel. We believe that every person matters and has a place and purpose in the kingdom of God. Our privilege as educators is helping students discover that place and purpose and to live into the future God has in store for them. The greatest blessing a pastor enjoys is being present with people during significant moments and milestones in life. Day by day, I get to help young people navigate life’s twists and turns while equipping them to appreciate and testify to the Lord’s mighty work in them and their relationships.”

Pastor Holt graduated from Concordia River Forest with a BA in Theology. He then completed his MDiv at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. He met his wife Erin in college and they now are the parents of two children, Eloise and Francis.

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