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Mr. Randy Krieger

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Mr. Krieger just might hold the record for teaching in the most other places in addition to his seventeen years at Valley Lutheran. These include Christian schools in Minnesota, Florida, Utah, and Nebraska, as well as two other high schools in Arizona. His comment about this background is that “all have impacted me and formed me into the teacher I am.”

Many students would also know him as “Coach Krieger” as he has coached at least one sport every year he has taught. His leadership in athletics has resulted in coaching four state championship teams and three state runner-up teams, and being named state Coach of the Year three times.

His BS in Elementary and Secondary Ed. and Masters in Secondary Administration from Concordia University Nebraska also prepared him for the Geometry and Algebra II classes he currently teaches. He says, “The relational ministry that is so strong at Valley fits me as a teacher very well. It makes it a joy to come to work every day. I love the relationship I have with kids both in the classroom and on the athletic field.”

Mr. Krieger’s wife, Sue, is a first grade teacher at Christ Lutheran School. They have four children who have all attended Valley: Karin, Bryant, Courtney, and William (a present student at Valley). They have eight grandchildren and all family members live in the Phoenix area.

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