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Valley Provides Engaged Teachers, Caring Faculty, Loving Ministry.

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Academics at Valley


At Valley Lutheran, we offer a college preparatory curriculum with an emphasis in Biblical integration of every courses.  Our goal isn't just to "transact" education, but to "transform" lives as our teachers use a Christian worldview to help students understand the world in which we live. From an academic standpoint, our goal is to identify your child's learning style and provide them with tools to excel and grow into a well-rounded student.

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The student body and staff as a whole are incredible. Coming to Valley halfway through my high school career, I was apprehensive that I would not make meaningful connections with others; I thought that I was too far behind and there wouldn't be enough time. More than I can express, this school has included me and made me feel valued as a person far more than any other place I've been. The community we have is truly a blessing.
- Current Valley Student - 

Activities at Valley


Valley Lutheran athletics exist to augment academic and spiritual development by positively contributing to the school-wide goal of developing a life of faith and service. We treat each practice, competition, and team event as a means of honoring our Lord.

Student-athletes can choose from 15 different sports and with over 80% of our student body participating in athletics -- there's something for everyone!

The growth and maturity that my children have gone through emotionally, spiritually, and academically, and the doctrine and what they're teaching the kids, is spot one.  I attribute my student's growth to the teachers and the staff at Valley.  They are all about the love of Christ.  So much of Valley is priceless.  It is a gift.
- Current Valley Parent - 

Spiritual Life at   Valley

Christ-Centered Community

During their four years at Valley, our goal is that our students will:

  • Desire to serve others as a natural extension of their faith -- grounded in Christ and rooted in love

  • Develop a strong sense of joy and purpose as they work to make a positive impact on the world

  • Be a compassionate leader who celebrates diverse people, groups, and situations



By Pastor Kurt Hellwig

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