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Financial Aid

There is a variety of financial assistance available for families at Valley Lutheran High School. As an institution, we are committed to helping families take full advantage of the Student Tuition Organizations (STO) program in the state of Arizona. Valley students receive scholarship money from 23 different STO's every year for a total of $670,000 in scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Valley Lutheran also raises money every year to help support families who desire an education at VLHS.  In 2021-2022, the school used more than $76,000 for scholarships to help students. This money is designated to families in need, as well as academically high-achieving students.

It is the goal of Valley Lutheran to never have to turn away a family due to their financial situation. We want to be able to work with every family to take advantage of all the resources available to them to make Valley Lutheran an affordable option. In fact, in 2021-2022, the average Valley family paid just over $5000 out of pocket to attend Valley Lutheran High School (full tuition is over $11,000)!

For specific questions regarding financial assistance and how you can take advantage of these opportunities, please contact Audrey Langley at (602) 230-1600 Ext 111 or by email.



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