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Tuition and Fees

Valley Lutheran has a variety of Scholarship options available. During the 2022-2023 school year the average family paid less than half of the tuition cost!

At the beginning of each school year each parent/guardian is asked to review our tuition and fees schedule as well as this tuition policy and then complete and sign a Financial Contract. This is a contract between you (the parent/guardian) and Valley Lutheran High School. You will be expected to adhere to your commitment as
designated on this Financial Contract. Students will not be permitted to begin school until a completed Financial Contract is on file in our Business Office.


We strongly urge each parent/guardian to keep in contact with our Business Office if a situation arises in your family. Arizona has several School Tuition Organizations that provide scholarships for high school students.

Our Business Office can be reached at extension 602-230-1600 and may be of assistance to you in applying for scholarships.

Priority of payments:  Payments are applied to any tuition due first then any activity fees or other; regardless of noted designation. If your tuition account is not up to date; your student may be unable to participate in sports, interim, etc. 

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