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A Good Walk and a Long Run

Over Christmas break I needed to take one of our buses over to Christ Lutheran because they needed to use it. I didn't really have anyone to pick me up and bring me back to school. I thought about taking a Lyft but I didn't want to spend the money. After running out of options I decided I would just drive the bus over to Christ and then walk back to Valley.

The weather was a little cool, but the sun was out and overall it was a nice day. It is about 6 miles from Christ to Valley. I looked on my maps app to see how long it should take me and it said just over two hours. I actually started a timer on my watch so I could see how long it took me. Walking for 6 miles gives you a lot of time to think. One of the thoughts I had as I was nearing Valley was the story of Jesus appearing to some of his followers on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection. The walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus is about 6 miles. On this walk Jesus explained why the Messiah had to die and rise again. During the whole time Jesus spoke, they didn't recognize who He was. When they sat down to eat and Jesus blessed and broke the bread their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. Jesus then disappeared from their sight and they immediately got up and ran back to Jerusalem to tell the others.

I was a little tired after walking the 6 miles. I did it in just under an hour and 40 minutes so I was walking at a pretty good pace. I thought about what it would take for me to be excited enough to turn around and run back to where I had just come from. For the disciples it was Jesus! That is what excited His followers. My prayer is that when I encounter Jesus I am excited enough to turn around and run another 6 miles just to tell others about Him.

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