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Look to God

Sometimes our plans change unexpectedly. This past weekend I was supposed to go back to Chicago to spend some time with my mom. I had a flight booked for Friday night and was packed and ready to go. As you may be aware there was a winter storm that swept across the northern part of the country this past weekend. When I woke up on Friday morning I checked my flight and it was set to be delayed by 20 minutes. This wasn't a good sign as it was still 14 hours before I was scheduled to take off. Then midday it changed back to being on time and stayed that way as I looked periodically throughout the day.

After coaching my basketball game Mia picked me up and we headed to the airport. We stopped to grab a meal and as we were eating I got a text that my flight was cancelled. It went from on time to cancelled in an instant. The plans I had in place and the things I needed to do with my mom were not going to happen and there was nothing I could do about it.

I don't know about you, but I really don't like a helpless feeling. I like to be able to control as much as I can about what is going on in my life. In this case, I had no control of the situation and had a decision to make; get upset about what was happening or accept it since I couldn't change it. When I think about it, this is a choice we have to make often in our lives. We can become frustrated and upset by the things we cannot change, or we can accept them, adjust and make the most of any situation. When I am thinking clearly I consider someone like Daniel who was put into an impossible situation. He couldn't control it, so he didn't try. He just did what he knew was right and worshiped God. Daniel trusted God and we see how God saved him in the lion's den.

My prayer is that rather than trying to control every part of a situation, I trust in God and look for guidance to do the right things. There are many situations we can't control, but we can look to God and know that He is ultimately in control.

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