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Daniel Parsons Teacher Spotlight

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

What happens when a Valley Lutheran alum becomes a teacher? Sometimes they return to be part of the staff as Daniel Parsons did in 2015. His work as a long-term sub led to his full-time position, and this year his duties include teaching Freshman Theology, Worship Arts, Economics, Government, AP US History, AP US Government and Politics, and also serving as head coach for the Boys and Girls Tennis Teams.

In describing his background he explains, “I grew up in Phoenix, graduated from Christ Lutheran School and Valley Lutheran High School (2010), and have been a member at Christ Lutheran Church with my family for most of my life, so I’ve been very connected to this community. In many ways, I was raised to be able to fit well into the VLHS family and have loved the opportunity to grow into a role as a teacher here in this family as a product of the community itself.”

Mr. Parsons graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Social Science and Minor in Biblical Studies. He is currently working on his master's degree in Educational Leadership through Northern Arizona University.

Has this alum's return been a positive fit with the students he interacts with every day? These are the words of one senior student: “One of my favorite things about Mr. Parsons is his patience and kindness in all situations. Whether it was when I lost my train ticket in Japan, I was losing my triple tie breaker tennis match, or was asking tons of questions in math class freshman year, he has never been anything but caring and supportive.” Another senior comments, “I appreciate his effort to implement the Christian faith in all classes and his authentic love for Worship Arts. I have learned how to channel my traditional piano background into praise/worship piano styles and how to view worship as both a worship leader and worshipper.”

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