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Mrs. Teresa Torrey

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The beginning of 2020 marked the start of Mrs. Torrey’s sixth year of employment at Valley Lutheran as Office Manager. When asked about her duties in this position, it was no surprise that the list was more than a few simple tasks.

Here are some of the things that fill her busy days: answering the phone; inputting new students; preparing large mailings; ordering office supplies; cleaning areas such as the refrigerator, workroom, and office; ordering and stocking vending and pop machines; recording attendance, tracking students, and communicating with parents; printing church bulletins for Pastor Jamie; administering first aid; working the gate at home games and sometimes helping Donovan with lunch. She also added, “I DRIVE A BUS!” Yes, all those words were capitalized.

Mrs. Torrey explained that she has been a part of the Valley family since 2000 when her daughter McKinnon Huser (class of 2004) enrolled. This was followed by her sons Trey Torrey (2015) and Layne Torrey (2016). Mrs. Torrey spent forty years in the grocery business, the last thirty with Kroger (Frys), before retiring and coming here.

And about her interests outside of office management, she says, “My hobbies include going to Valley Lutheran ballgames, and watching my daughter coach club volleyball. I enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather, spending time with my flowering plants and cactus.”

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