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Mr. Fabian Coker

Every teacher can testify about the unique challenges of their first year in the classroom, and Mr. Fabian Coker is no exception. However, he is so positive in the way he describes the staff at Valley Lutheran as supportive in a loving way, not critical, but being inspirational in their feedback. This support in turn is a benefit to his students, as one Junior says, “I love how encouraging he is with all of his students and how much he tries to connect to all of them. You know whenever you have a tough day that Mr. Coker will be there to check in on you and make sure you’re okay.”

When asked why he became a teacher, Mr. Coker refers to the inspiration of his Government and History teacher in high school, his own experiences as a teen, and a desire to help others reach their potential. He attended Grand Canyon University, graduating with a Secondary Education degree in History in 2017. He then worked for a year at American Indian College as a graduate assistant with a variety of jobs. The next year he was back at GCU as an Admissions Counselor, but also did some part time work at Valley.

He was attracted to Valley because the school’s philosophy was similar to GCU, particularly the focus on faith development in its students. This year he is teaching World History, US History, and Freshman Seminar and serves as Assistant Girls Basketball Coach. He especially appreciates coaching because it gives him opportunities for bonding outside of the classroom. “Doing life with these kids is so much fun!” is his enthusiastic comment. Challenges include preparing for the block schedule, time

management, and creating resources to reinforce his curriculum.

Mr. Coker grew up in Los Angeles and attended a Christian high school there. His father is from Nigeria and his mother is from Belize, and his goal is to visit both of these countries in the next few years.

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