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Ms. Madison Schulz

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Cool. Vibrant. Positive. Easy to talk to. Reflects the love of Christ.

All these words are used by her students to describe Madison Schulz. Now in her third year of teaching, her classes include Sophomore English, Honors Freshman and Sophomore English, and Senior English. She is also a Student Council Advisor and Track and Field Assistant Coach.

When she was nearing completion of her B.S. degree in Secondary Education English at Concordia University Chicago and was contacted by Mr. Koehne, she initially thought she had no interest in moving from the Midwest. At the urging of her friends she was prompted to look at Arizona. So she followed through on learning about Valley Lutheran and says, “It took about two hours on campus to realize that, through all the fear and worry I may have about moving hundreds of miles away from my family, this was the place I was called to be.”

What prepared Ms. Schulz for her current position? She describes herself as “an English nerd turned teacher” and “being able to share my books that gave me comfort when I was in high school with students that love them nowadays has been incredible for me.”

Being the President of the student body at her college taught her communication and le

adership skills. She now scores for Pearson SAT and adds “This has helped me change the way to teach writing so that I can include elements that I have learned scoring for Pearson.”

Although her parents and two younger brothers, who are both in college, all live in her home state of Michigan, they love coming out to Arizona as a vacation spot when Michigan tends to be cold.

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Shirley Marsh
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