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Mr. Rick Scholz

Who can solve my technology problem? Rick Scholz. My class schedule might need to be changed. Go see Mr. Scholz. I’m stuck on this AP Calculus assignment. Just ask Mr. Scholz for help. He’s really a patient teacher. I really like the layout and content of the yearbook. Thank Mr. Scholz. He’s responsible for being sure it’s done so well each year.

Mr. Scholz has worn many hats since he joined the Valley Lutheran faculty twenty-one years ago, but he comments, “Even though I have a wide variety of responsibilities on campus, my favorite part of every day is the time I spend in the classroom teaching math.”

His undergraduate degree in Mathematics is from Concordia University Irvine. In 2009 he completed his MAT in Mathematics at Northern Arizona University. He says he always wanted to be a high school math teacher, but hadn’t really thought about teaching at a Lutheran school because he had attended public schools all his life. Concordia University led him to consider it, and after visiting a local Lutheran high school he could see why that would be the right match for him. Before accepting his position at Valley, he worked at Concordia as the Assistant Director of Instructional Technology for about 15 months. He says, ”This role gave me a lot of the technology experience I use at Valley.”

Another experience that is an asset to his students is his job for the past three summers as a reader for the Advanced Placement Calculus exam, helping to grade the free-response portion of the exam. He sees what it takes to get a perfect score on the exam and is then equipped to share these skills directly with his students.

Mr. Scholz has one brother, Bob, who is a church musician in Lake Arrowhead, California. Like most other Valley Lutheran faculty members, he also refers to the teachers and faculty as being like a family.

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